How can you become a member ?

To become a member of Interrogo Ltd Publications, you need simply open an account and identify yourself.


How can I order my book?

You can buy your book online place your order by telephone on:  + 33 970 46 31 55. or send a email to : contact@interrogo-publications.com


Why become a member?

By joining up, you are able to pre-order your book before it is put on the market. You will be amongst the first to receive a copy and you are sure to obtain one of the 750 exclusive editions.


How long will it take me to receive a pre-ordered book?

As soon as the period set aside for orders is over, we will begin production. The binding, the printing, and the final touches will take a maximum of 30 days. You will be informed by email at each stage of the book's fabrication.



What are the means at my disposal for payment?

For your own security, we only use Paypal. Paypal accepts the following credit cards:

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Aurore, Vpay, Cofinoga/Privilège, Cofidis 4star, Discover, Maestro.


Are my personal details secure?

Your personal information is protected and will never by shared with a third party.


What is the policy on reimbursement?

We have made your satisfaction our priority. If you are not satisfied with your book you can return it to us in its original condition within 15 days. You will be entirely reimbursed.


What advantages are there in pre-ordering my book?

By pre-ordering your book you will enjoy large discounts and, more importantly, you will be guaranteed a copy of a rare edition!


Once the books go on sale officially, how long will it take for me to receive a copy of my book?

You will receive your copy within three days of the book going on public sale.


How much does it cost for my book to be shipped to me?

The cost depends on your country of origin. It is indicated directly once you place your order.


How is my book sent?

Your book is delivered by DHL or FEDEX and will require a signature on reception for security reasons. We do not send any book to a PO box address.


Should the book be damaged during delivery what solutions do you offer?

We are able to repair all books, within a certain limit. Please take pictures of any the damages and send them  to us by email. We will send you back an estimate.


What does “sold out” mean?

“Sold out” means all the books have been sold and you can only obtain a copy via the second-hand market.



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